SITXFSA001 Use hygiene practices for food safety – Level 1 (All States)

This course meets  the minimum requirements for food handling staff under Australian Food Standards Code, Standard 3.2.2, the requirement for staff to have the necessary knowledge of food safety and food hygiene matters.   Ideal for employees starting full time work with food.

  • Delivery – This program is to be delivered via on-line delivery.

    All theory content will be provided through structured online learning content.

    Students will be provided access to the learning materials on confirmation of enrolment and will work through the learning content and activities. Activities will give students the opportunity to prepare for assessment.

  • Duration – The course has been designed to have a Volume of Learning of 4 hours.

    Students will be required to allocate study time to undertake the required learning via the online learning platform. Students should allocate approximately 3 hours to complete the online learning program. The learning material can be completed over multiple sessions. The student is to allocate approximately 1 hour to complete the assessment component of the course.

    Please note: Students are required to complete the course assessment within 3 months of course commencement.

  • Assessment Methods – The assessment process will include theory and practical assessments.
    Students will be advised of the assessment requirements at the commencement of the course.

    Theory assessments will be undertaken through the secure online portal.

    Students are required to undertake a demonstration of practical skills. This is to be captured via videos of themselves undertaking the specific practical tasks, and the student is to submit the video to the RTO via either email or uploading via Hightail Dropbox.

    In addition, the workplace is also involved in the assessment process to verify the student’s ability to perform specific workplace tasks that support the competence of the student. The workplace supervisor will be asked to provide feedback and comments on the student’s ability to demonstrate their practical work skills by completing a ‘Supervisor Report’ (instruction will be provided with the checklist). This document will form part of the evidence gathered for assessment - as supplementary evidence.

  • Certificate – Statement of Attainment for the nationally accredited unit of competency SITXFSA001 Use Hygienic Practices for Food Safety.

    Contact our friendly team at Master Grocers Australia on:

    Telephone: 03 9824 4111 (option 2)
    Email: training@mga.asn.au
    RTO TOID: 21148

  • personal hygiene
  • food poisoning, high risk foods
  • cross contamination
  • identifying food hazards
  • reporting personal health issues

RTO Admission Requirements

Master Grocers Australia has the following admission requirements to suit the delivery and assessment mode offered:

  • Students must be over 15 years old
  • Students must successfully complete a LLN test to confirm the ability to effectively undertake the course
  • This program has been designed to be delivered through on-line delivery. Students must have the ability to access to a computer and the internet to complete this course.
  • This program requires student to video their practical application of skills as part of the assessment process. Students are required to have access to video technology such as a Smart phone/ tablet devise.
  • Students must be employed in a suitable workplace that has access to specific equipment/ resources to support the assessment process.  

General information for participants:

In order to be assessed as Competent (C) in this unit, you need to provide evidence which demonstrates that you can perform the required competencies to the required standard. Competency depends on consistently demonstrating the skills, attitude and knowledge that enables you to complete workplace tasks confidently in a variety of situations.

This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to Handle Food Safely in a Retail Environment food safely in the retail environment following organisational food safety procedures and relevant legislation and standard procedures.

It applies to individuals working in roles that involve the handling of food. They operate with some independence under general supervision and guidance from others, and within established organisational policies and procedures and relevant legislative requirements.

Food handlers must comply with the requirements contained within the Australia New Zealand Food Standards (ANZFS) Code (the   Code).

To attain competence in this unit you must:

  • Successfully complete the Multiple Choice Questions
    – 1 Section in the online portal
    – Answers will be submitted automatically electronically
  • Successfully complete the scenario assignment
    – Demonstrate procedures to identify food hazards, report unsafe practices and report incidents of food contamination.
  • Successfully complete the Practical Demonstration
    – Demonstrate the use of safe food handling practices in food handling work functions.
    – You are required to take video evidence of yourself completing the tasks listed in the Practical Demonstration
    – Submit the video evidence to the RTO
    – Trainer to observe and assess video evidence
  • Have your supervisor or a work colleague with relevant food handling experience to complete the Supervisor Report
  • For assessment conditions please click here
  • To best view this course, ensure you web browser is up to date (Chrome or Firefox work best)
  • Courses can be conducted on Macs and PCs
  • You will need speakers or headphone
  • Internet connection
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SITXFSA001 Use hygiene practices for food safety – Level 1 (All States)


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